Hankering after a typewriter

Underwood Portable Typewriter
Underwood Portable Typewriter (Photo credit: seychelles88)


I came across some creative writing from 20 years ago today. Most of it was written using a manual typewriter. This was before home computers and laptops became affordable. It was such a physical pleasure to read the words – the soft, slight indentation of the ink on paper. Mine was a portable, in a blue case.


As I read, I could almost smell the ribbon, ink and that soft metallic odour. It was as if the ghost of the keys were under my fingertips. I swear I heard the clack, clack, clack of the keys going down and the thud of the metal bars as they hit the paper. Oh, and the ding of the bell as I pushed the return lever! I loved that sound! I’m shivering with nostalgic pleasure just writing this and wishing it were being bashed out in old-fashioned ink and print, not on a beautiful white MacBook!


It has left me hankering after a typewriter. This looks a bit like mine did but I can’t be sure what brand it was. The question is what did I do with it and why?!


I have never been an eBay participant (too much temptation to spend small but incremental sums of money on randoms luxuries) but I find myself tempted to ask a friend to bid for me! I’m a touch typist but how would I cope with having to push down on the keys and therefore writing at a pace that can’t keep up with my brain?!


Does anyone else use a typewriter?


By Carole Scott



3 thoughts on “Hankering after a typewriter”

  1. Thanks for the link back! I actually really like writing on a typewriter from time to time (MacBook is my primary writing tool as well) because of how much it makes me slow down and think carefully about what I want to say. There’s nothing like having to start a page again because of a poorly-thought-out sentence or paragraph to teach you to choose your words wisely! I have a few in my collection, my favourite is probably an Underwood Noiseless from 1943. It weighs about 40lbs but is lovely to write on! Good luck in your search for a machine. 🙂

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