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A new departure

I have sorely neglected my blog for many months. But there’s a good reason. I have been finishing up a project that has taken over five years to complete – my first novel.

I fell in love with Jordan way, way back in 1994 and the inspiration was so deep than when I turned to writing, I knew that my first novel must be set there. If you love the country, I think you’ll enjoy the descriptions of Petra and Wadi Rum, two places that stole my heart and still rate as my favourite in the world.

And if you love a good, easy read with a splash of heartache and love, then ‘The Broken Heart Repair Plan’ will make a nice New Year read for you.

If anyone has been to Jordan – either recently or in the past – I would love to know what you think of the descriptions in the novel. If you haven’t been but are toying with the idea, then I hope it might provide a bit of inspiration to start off 2016 adventure-planning.

And if you have travelled there in the past couple of years, I would dearly love to hear what this gorgeous country is now like. Did you receive a warm welcome? Is Petra still the beguiling, mysterious, beautiful place it was? I hope so.

Above all, I have to start my first day as a published novelist with a plug – please do buy the book. If you like it, please recommend it to your friends!


Rough Guide to Jordan « Quite Alone

Good news for anyone who is planning a trip to Jordan. Rough Guides has a new edition of its Guide to Jordan, researched and written by Matthew Teller.

I highly recommend this jewel of the Middle East. Petra is well known (most people have seen tantalising flashes of it in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) but other highlights include Jerash, Wadi Rum and Kerak Castle.

Do go. Jordan has suffered a huge drop in tourism because of the troubles in neighbouring Syria but it is unaffected by what is happening there. It is a welcoming and warm country to visit with a treasure chest of breathtaking sites and stunning experiences.

I didn’t have a digital camera back in 2005, so these are the only images I have from my six months there as a tour leader.

On a camel back in my tour leader days...
On a camel back in my tour leader days…
Going native
Going native
In Wadi Rum
In Wadi Rum

By Carole Scott