And breathe…. Italy and yoga are a marriage made in heaven

I had never been on a yoga break before. I was a bit nervous, feeling that my ‘off and on’ approach to yoga would mean that I would struggle to do 1.5 hours each morning for three days. How wrong I was! It was just perfect.

Last year a good friend and I started an annual tradition – a Spring break. Her children are now old enough for her to feel okay about leaving for a weekend, so we went to Marrakech (you can read all about it in earlier posts!). This year we were planning a cheap break ( is fantastic for city breaks) and hit upon Rome. After an evening of scouring the potential hotels, Liz went home and all of a sudden I had an email in my inbox saying ‘forget cheap break, let’s do yoga!’

So off we went to Casperia, a tiny medieval village set upon a hill an hour and a half’s train ride North of Rome. It was idyllic. I village with cobbled paths and no traffic; a house with a sun terrace overlooking an endless rolling patchwork of green; yoga each morning and then long, lazy days in the sun afterwards. Yum!

I am converted. I’m hoping to go to Laos at Christmas and the first thing I did when I got home was to research yoga breaks there to break up the sight-seeing!

The holiday was with Sunflower Retreats. It was great, if a little expensive (a bit more yoga could have been included in the price – something we all agreed on). I do recommend it, although I think I’ll be looking at for future adventures in bendyness, as they list every conceivable break you could ever wish to find!

Here are the snaps.

The endless panorama from our sun terrace
The endless panorama from our sun terrace

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By Carole Scott

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