The last of the best of 2013: evening sail

I’m two days’ away from flying to the States for Christmas, so I thought a good way to end my review of my favourite photos of 2013 would be to share one from San Francisco. After a fantastic wee trip over to Sausalito, we caught the ferry back in the prettiest light imaginable. I was finding it quite difficult to take photos, as even on a smooth crossing, staying steady wasn’t easy.

In the end, I was delighted with this one. The angle of the sailing boat against the hazy backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge and the double outline of the hills is satisfying to my eye. And it is a gorgeous reminder of that beautiful city. I only have to see it to smile thinking of both the beauty and friendliness of the city, but also of the constant laughter of being with my family and friend on that trip.

Sunset sail © Carole Scott 2013
Sunset sail © Carole Scott 2013

And while I may not be heading for San Francisco right now, I am heading for the same branch of my family….bring on the festive laughter, silly quizzes, adventurous cocktails and love that Christmas seems destined to deliver this year!

Happy snapping to all my fellow bloggers and see you for more snap-sharing in 2014.

By Carole Scott


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