Best photos of 2013: let sleeping dogs lie

Those of you who follow my blog will know that when I went to Tuscany earlier this year, there were a couple of dogs living on the farmstead that was my home for a week. They were gorgeous animals. I was amazed all week by the ability Elvis had of sleeping without laying his head on the ground. I have one of him asleep standing up but I’ve picked this one instead – he reminds me of a dog carved at the foot of a medieval knight in chain mail on a stone sarcophagus.

Let sleeping dogs lie

As you can see, I edited in Photoshop to give the picture a slightly faded, gentle sepia tint. If I had real patience, I would edit out the harness but I don’t, so I won’t!

Oh, darn it, I shouldn’t have put the thought in my head…ten minutes later, spot the difference.

Elvis without harness and flagstone cleaned.
Elvis without harness and flagstone cleaned.

By Carole Scott

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