Best photos of 2013: shrouded

I love those moments in photography when you do manage to lift the camera to your eye in that quick moment and get the shot on the hoof that really works.

I couldn’t believe my luck when this man strolled past an arched window in Marrakech. I try to keep my camera in hand, with the strap wrapped around my wrist to avoid any accidental drops, and switched on whenever I’m in a photogenic place and it really paid off here.

To me, he looks like a medieval monk on a secret mission, hunched over, hurrying and not wanting anyone to know who he is.

Possibly my favourite photo of the year but I’ll see what you all think!

© Carole Scott 2013
© Carole Scott 2013

By Carole Scott

5 thoughts on “Best photos of 2013: shrouded”

  1. The shape of the window frame is echoed in the stooping man – from his back to his shoulder and head. The additional visual link is the pointed detail at the top of his hood, echoed by the point at the top of the window frame. Very Dali’esque!

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