Best photos of 2013: Skeleton

How often do you look back over the photos you’ve taken in a year? Do you look at them more because they’re on your computer than you would if you only had print outs? Does anyone out there find that creating photo books makes you look at your pictures in a different way?

There are five weeks (and two days) until the end of the year, so I’ve decided to review my pictures from the year because I was lucky enough to go on three trips abroad – Marrakech, San Francisco and Tuscany. And in between I’ve taken odds and sods here and there. So for the next five weeks I’ll be posting two or three times a week with what I think are the best of this year’s crop.

Ghost © Carole Scott 2013
© Carole Scott 2013

I went on a walking weekend to the Isle of Wight in January. By the Sunday I was a bit ‘grouped out’ and rather than joining the hike, I decided to hang back and enjoy the garden of the beautiful place we were staying in. The weather was glorious that morning: clear and crisp. My eye caught the delicate skeleton of these plants and I spent ages trying to the ‘just right’ shot. I really like the result.

There was work in photoshop – I blurred out the background so that the delicate tracery of veins could be more visible. I played with black and white/sepia but in the end a reduced hue and a darkened background as well as the blurring really worked.

By Carole Scott

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