Hand-drawn map of Oxford

My friend Jane Tomlinson is a wonderful water colour and acryllics painter.

In recent years she has added hand-drawn maps to her canon of work. They are proving  popular and shops in the towns she draws love stocking them.

Jane’s next project is a mighty map of Oxford. She has just posted that it is due to be finished in October. She has featured me (I went to St Hilda’s College, University of Oxford) and so that means it’s a done deal that I’ll be buying a few for family gifts!

Here’s the original photo she asked me to send:

Me in 1991 - so young!
Me in 1991 – so young!

Personal appearances aside, it really will be a fantastic souvenir of Oxford if you visit, have a connection but are no longer here or want a very English gift for friends abroad.

Here’s Jane’s update post.

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