Marrakech: your tips please!

Marrakech: Majorelle Gardens
Marrakech: Majorelle Gardens (Photo credit: Martin and Kathy Dady)

I’m going to Marrakech in 11 days’ time and I’ve not had a chance to think about it. It has been 11 years since I was last there, so I need some tips from the wonderful blogging community I belong to.

The Majorelle Gardens are number one on my list, as I missed them last time.

Apart from the obvious (hanging out in the medina), what should I be doing? I need restaurant and bar recommendations too please!

By Carole Scott

2 thoughts on “Marrakech: your tips please!”

  1. Definitely the majorelle gardens and also the Islamic school. There’s a square behind the main souk called the place d’esclaves or something which is perfect for people watching with a mint tea. It’s always quite fun to visit one of the berber chemists too to stock up on argon oil and hear all about their dubious aphrodisiacs! Have a wonderful time and don’t buy too many kaftans!

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