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Blurb Booksmart photobook review
Blurb Booksmart photobook review (Photo credit: delgaudm)

How often do you look at your favourite photos? And how do you look at them? Is it always on a computer screen? On Facebook, Flickr?

If you love your photos, then it’s worth thinking about how you look at them. There are so many details, subtleties and perspectives in a printed photo that don’t stand out on the screen.

In the past few years I have been making photo books. I make two kinds. The first is a ‘best of’ book and I try to do these every six months. It makes me pick through my portfolio, sifting and sifting until I find the best 20 or so.

Here’s a few from my last ‘best of’ book. I’m due to create one for the second half of 2012 but haven’t quite got round to it yet, so this is early 2012, when I had just bought my first ever DLSR. I love these photos because they represent that first flush of excitement of having a decent camera.

street15 London02 Jewels V (Liberty) Street: Portrait01 Squirrel03 Graffitti02 IMG_1602_1970_edited-1 IMG_1810_1965_edited-1 Paddy - 07 Duff_and_Gert-08_edited-1

The second type of photobook I create is the holiday portfolio. And thanks to a fantastic offer from Albelli (my favourite) I was able to create a treasure trove of 120 pages of memories of my recent Burma trip. It arrived today and it’s amazing. Photos really do look different on the printed page.

Is anyone else a fan of a good photobook?

By Carole Scott

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