How to create a watermark brush in Photoshop Elements. | Everyday Elements

I was thinking this morning about the issue of making sure my photos are protected now that I’m sharing them on a blog.

A quick Google search is always a great place to start and I found this incredibly helpful step by step instruction from Everyday Elements.

How to create a watermark brush in Photoshop Elements. | Everyday Elements.

What I now want to know from photography bloggers out there is how do I come up with a way of doing this in bulk or quickly when I have a selection of images that I want to upload to a blog. It’s a great process but it’s time consuming, particularly since I have big files and already have to spend the time reducing the size of them before uploading to my blog!

Anyone with any answers, please help!

P.S. Just found the ‘process multiple files’ function in Elements. So pleased, as it has the option to add a Watermark and resize, all in one handy place. Here’s one of the pics I just processed. It does spoilt the image a bit, so perhaps I need to make it less opaque….


Second attempt…


That’s better. What do you think?

By Carole Scott

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