Moroccan tea tray

Just booked: a weekend in Marrakech

I haven’t been to Morocco since 2002, when I booked a last minute holiday in August. Yes, that’s right, August. I like a heat challenge.

I went because a trip to South Africa with my boyfriend didn’t pan out…the boyfriend didn’t pan out, so that’s why the trip didn’t.

I loved Morocco but was disheartened at the holiday. Explore Worldwide advertised it as a ‘small group’ trip. Instead, we were a group of more than 20 in a full sized bus. I did enjoy it but there was an inflexibility to our days that frustrated me, particularly when our local guides decided that their ‘special’ shops were better than the madrassas and museums I was keen to see.

So I’ve wanted to go back ever since. Happily a friend is keen to go. We have booked to go for a long weekend in April. Four nights and three days in the heart of the city in a small, privately run, Riad.

Watch this space to see how I get on. I hope to bring you wonderful photos, as last time round I had a compact, film, camera with virtually no zoom. I think I have some pics somewhere, but they’ll be in a photo album, in a box, in my loft! How things have changed in 10 short years!

Moroccan tea tray
Snapped in Granada, Spain, October 2008

By Carole Scott

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