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What a thoughtful article; a beautiful way to look at a city and I now know what palimpsest means, as I had to look it up to understand!

and those were the reasons


The peeling paste-up

ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR forms of street art in Melbourne is the paste-up: printed or drawn posters adhered to city walls with a wheat-based glue. The physical insubstantiality of paste-ups renders them particularly ephemeral — they do not have the ‘sticking power’ of paint — yet this also makes them particularly ‘active’ components of the city footprint. The effects of time and human interface are readily wrought upon their surface. Older paste-ups peel away from the walls on which they are stuck; new ones are pasted over them, perhaps in turn to be painted over by following artists, tagged by graffitists, or torn down by council cleaning teams. For artist Miso, the traces of the ‘life’ of the poster are part of its appeal as an art form:

There is a certain excitement in nature and the city reclaiming that piece and the way people interact…

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If you pay your money, should you stay the course?

I had high hopes when I travelled to London on Friday.

I had signed up some time ago to a course, which I thought was designed to unleash powerful creativity.

I was quite taken aback to find that the course required me to sit still for hours in rows in the same windowless room. I’m not a fidgety person but after two hours of active listening I was ready to bolt. By the end of three hours with nothing but a 10 minute break, I was ready to jump around like a five year old in ‘music and movement’ class.

I didn’t think anyone still ran courses where you stayed in one spot absorbing for long stretches of time.

When concentration lapsed, we were supposed to go to a particular bit of the room and stretch – but even so, I’m surprised that the course leaders honestly believe that people learn most effectively when they are sitting and listening for hours on end.

I was contemplating not going back after lunch but decided to give it another go. By 4pm we had spent ANOTHER one and a half hours glued to the same spot.

I left. And so now I’m on my way to a Bowie Buffet – a party to celebrate the great artist’s return to music. I think I’ll feel more alive and full of creativity dancing to ‘Fashion’ or ‘Jean Genie’ that I would stuck in a conference room in Bloomsbury.

Or am I a wrong to quit early on a course that could start to deliver if only I stayed?